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What Is the Spooky Real Life Origin of Scream’s Ghostface Mask?


"Maddalena ended up not using that house but instead chose a neighboring house for the home of Tatum and Dewey Riley (Rose McGowan and David Arquette) in Scream. However, while at the first house, she discovered a striking mask hanging from a post..."




10 Successful Horror Movies Released in December


"Scream was predicted to be DOA by Variety in the weeks leading up to its release. I don’t think people really knew what kind of box office juggernaut Scream would turn out to be. $103 million is impressive for any horror film, much less one that..."




An Early Review of "Scream"



"The pic’s chills are top-notch, but its underlying mockish tone won’t please die-hard fans. That adds up to no more than modest commercial returns and fast theatrical playoff..."


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