Marianne Maddalena and Wes Craven at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena, recipient of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres at the French Residence in Beverly Hills.

Helen Fielding, Guy Busick, Heather Langenkamp, Kevin Williamson, Tyler Gillett, Chad Villella, Marianne and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin celebrate with a Ghostface cake.

Scream (2022) director, Tyler Gillett and producer, Chad Villella.

Marianne Maddalena takes the first stab.

The cast and crew of Scream (2022) pose for a group photo.

Behind the scenes of filming the introduction scene of the main young cast of Scream (2022)

Ghostface's iconic look was meticulously recreated for Scream (2022).

Kevin Williamson stalked by Ghostface on the final day of shooting Scream (2022).

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox pose with Kevin Williamson on the set of Scream (2022).

Marianne Maddalena ans director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin on the set of Scream in 2021.

Marianne Maddalena on Bastille Day at the French Residence, Beverly Hills.

Melissa Barrera and Ghostface himself on the set of Stu Macher's house in Scream (2022).

Jack Quaid takes a break with Ghostface on the set of Scream (2022).

Ghostface lurks in Wes Hicks' (Dylan Minette) house in Scream (2022).

Melissa Barrera and Jack Quaid between takes of Scream (2022).

Marianne Maddalena on the set during the filming of the iconic opening sequence of Scream (1996) with Drew Barrymore and Kevin Williamson.

Marianne Maddalena's cameo with Heather Langenkamp in Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994).

Marianne Maddalena at the French Residence in Beverly Hills.

Rebecca Berrih, Julie Paquit, Marianne Maddalena and Linda Jin at Cannes (2022).

Marianne Maddalena with French Consulate of Los Angeles, Julie Duhat-Bedos.

Marianne Maddalena and Catie Potter at the French Residence in Beverly Hills.

Tina Anderson, Marianne Maddalena, Shelia Waldron and Rebecca Berrih at Marianne's Ordre des Arts et des Lettres award ceremony at the French Residence in Beverly Hills (2022).

Marianne Maddalena with ith Heather Langenkamp

Marianne Maddalena was a special guest at the Sonoma International Film Festival's screening of Scream.

Marianne Maddalena with Mike Edwards at Café Bizou.

Alterian Ghost Factory special effects artist, Loren Gitthens designed the iconic weeping ghost know known as Ghostface for a SFX industry Halloween party in 1989. It was his take on the classic kid's costume that uses a sheet to make a ghost. This costume would inspire a line of make-your-own ghost costumes called made by The Alterian Ghost Factory. The designs of the individual ghosts would later inspire Fun World to adapt them into their Fantastic Faces ghost mask line.

From 1990, an original package insert from the Alterian Ghost Factory's Ghost Maker Kit, a line of custom ghost costume kits. This package artwork by Bill Boes is the earliest known depiction of the design know known as Ghostface.

The original ghost designs from the Alterian Ghost Factory's Ghost Maker Kit designed by special effects artists, Loren Gitthens and Chet Zar featured in the 1991 Alterian catalog brochure.

The original Ghostface mask used in Scream (1996) was 1 of 4 styles that made up Fun World's 1992 line of ghost masks, part of their Fantastic Faces line of masks, listed in their annual Halloween catalog as item #9206, an assortment of 4 "GLOW-IN-DARK GHOST MASK WITH SHROUD". All 4 designs were originally available with black and white cotton shrouds.

A complete collection of the original four Fantastic Faces ghost masks made by Fun World, listed in their catalog as item #9206 "GLOW-IN DARK GHOST MASK WITH SHROUD". The four masks were available with both black and white cotton shrouds which emulated the look and feel of the draped sheet shrouds of the Alterian Ghost Factory artists, Loren Gitthen and Chet Zar's original designs which inspired Fun World's designs. From the collection of John Louis Rothschild.

The exact type of mask Marianne Maddalena famously found while location scouting weeks before the start of the shoot for Scream (1996). A white shroud first generation Fantastic Faces Weeping Ghost mask with a FUN WORLD DIV stamp on the back of the mouth. From the collection of John Louis Rothschild.

Restored photo plate from Fun World's photography department that was used for many years as a catalog photo and packaging image used first in 1997 after the huge success of Scream.

After the phenomenal success of Scream (1996), Fun World had their factories produce more scuptures of the original design, to make more molds, to keep up with the demand for increasingly iconic mask. Collectors have identified 17 similar, but subtly distinct sculpts, all with their own character. This is a mold cheat guide created by collectors, Jo and Wade Nobile

Scream (1996)'s costume designer, Cynthia Bergstrom's restored original design sketch for the now iconic Ghostface costume. After many meetings and tests and discussions, a sparkly black lurex fabric was ultimately used for the effectively disguising costume, which completely hid the body of the person wearing it, helping the mystery plot of the film work.

A restored early image of Ghostface from the production of Scream (1996). This photo would be used on the Father Death costume package design seen on screen. Restoration by Ryan Hills.

Original first generation FUN WORLD DIV stamped Ghostface mask from Fun World's Fantastic Faces line. This is the exact version of the mask Marianne famously found location scouting for Scream (1994). Though it was a mass produced item, its use in the film led it to becoming a cultural icon.

Wes Craven and Marianne Maddalena.

Marianne Maddalena with Wes Craven and friends on her 30th birthday.

Marianne Maddalena at the Beverly Hills Residence of the French Consulate. Boulevard Des Series.

A look back during the success of the first Scream (1996) Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Marianne Maddalena, and Matthew Lillard.

Marianne Maddalena with Rebecca Berrih.

With Sheila Waldron and Tina Anderson.

Kevin Williamson and Marianne Maddalena.

Cillian Murphy, Sheila Waldron and Marianne Maddalena on the set of Red Eye.

Marianne Maddalena on stage at Carnegie Hall during the production of Music of the Heart. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

Marianne Maddalena speaks at a screening of The People Under the Stairs.


Jackie <3

Marianne Maddalena and Courteney Cox.

The exact version (white shrouded first generation FUN WORLD DIV stamped) of the Fantastic Faces Ghost mask that Marianne found while location scouting and pushed for its use in Scream (1996).

Marianne Maddalena, Wes Craven and Courteney Cox.



Ghostface will return again in Spy Glass Entertainment's Scream (2022).

Berry Drive.

Marianne Maddalena and Emilie de Ravin at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena and Angela Basset.

Wes Craven on set.

Marianne on set.

Marianne on set.

In London with Shelia Waldron.

Wes pitching Marianne his idea for My Soul to Take.

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.

Wes Craven and Neve Campbell on the set of Scream.

Marianne Maddalena and Shelia Waldron on the set of Cursed.

Filming Cursed.

Skeet Ulrich and Wes Craven on the set of Cursed.

Skeet Ulrich and Marianne Maddalena on the set of Cursed.



Cameo in Red Eye (2005) as another passenger on the flight.

Chay Carter, Julie Plec, Tina Anderson and Marianne Maddalena dining at Café Bizou.

Robert Englund, Jeff Fenner, and Marianne Maddalena.

Nancy Englund and Wes Craven.

A large group of the Scream team!

KNB Effects Group tried recreating the Fun World Fantastic Faces ghost mask, but it was soon realized that the mask found just had something special about it and finally a deal was made to use it in the film.

At Cannes.

Photo by Philippe Gris.

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena's birthday celebration at Café Bizou with Heather Langenkamp and friends.

Zuma Beach.

Marianne Maddalena and Gregory Levasser

Wes Craven's Birthday party in 1992.

Marianne Maddalena at Wes Craven's Birthday party in 1992.

Marianne Maddalena and Kathleen Quinlan at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Artist, Ai Wei Wei.

Marianne, ready for the Oscars.

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Marianne and Hillary Clinton.

The cast and crew of Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

With Wes Craven and New Nightmare (1994) composer J. Peter Robinson.

Mitch Pileggi, Marianne Maddalena and Wes Craven pose with Mitch's stunt double on the set of Shocker.