Marianne Maddalena and Wes Craven at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena was a special guest at the Sonoma International Film Festival's screening of Scream.

Marianne Maddalena at the Beverly Hills Residence of the French Consulate. Boulevard Des Series.

Marianne Maddalena on Bastille Day at the French Residence, Beverly Hills.

Original first generation FUN WORLD DIV stamped Ghostface mask from Fun World's Fantastic Faces line. This is the exact version of the mask Marianne famously found location scouting for Scream (1994). Though it was a mass produced item, its use in the film led it to becoming a cultural icon.

Marianne Maddalena with ith Heather Langenkamp

With Sheila Waldron and Tina Anderson.

Marianne Maddalena's cameo with Heather Langenkamp in Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994).

Marianne Maddalena with Rebecca Berrih.

With Wes Craven and New Nightmare (1994) composer J. Peter Robinson.

Marianne Maddalena with Mike Edwards at Café Bizou.

Marianne Maddalena on the set during the filming of the iconic opening sequence of Scream (1996) with Drew Barrymore and Kevin Williamson.

A look back during the success of the first Scream (1996) Wes Craven, Neve Campbell, Marianne Maddalena, and Matthew Lillard.

Cillian Murphy, Sheila Waldron and Marianne Maddalena on the set of Red Eye.

Marianne Maddalena on stage at Carnegie Hall during the production of Music of the Heart. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

Marianne Maddalena speaks at a screening of The People Under the Stairs.

Jackie <3

The exact version (white shrouded first generation FUN WORLD DIV stamped) of the Fantastic Faces Ghost mask that Marianne found while location scouting and pushed for its use in Scream (1996).

Marianne Maddalena, Wes Craven and Courteney Cox.

Ghostface will return again in Spy Glass Entertainment's Scream (2022).

Berry Drive.

Marianne Maddalena and Emilie de Ravin at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena and Angela Basset.

In London with Shelia Waldron.

Wes pitching Marianne his idea for My Soul to Take.

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Hills Have Eyes.

Wes Craven and Neve Campbell on the set of Scream.


Zuma Beach.

Marianne, ready for the Oscars.

Photo by Philippe Gris.

Cameo in Red Eye (2005) as another passenger on the flight.

Chay Carter, Julie Plec, Tina Anderson and Marianne Maddalena dining at Café Bizou.

A large group of the Scream team!

KNB Effects Group tried recreating the Fun World Fantastic Faces ghost mask, but it was soon realized that the mask found just had something special about it and finally a deal was made to use it in the film.

At Cannes.

Marianne Maddalena's birthday celebration at Café Bizou with Heather Langenkamp and friends.

Marianne Maddalena and Gregory Levasser

Marianne Maddalena and Kathleen Quinlan at the premiere of The Hills Have Eyes.

Artist, Ai Wei Wei.

Zuma Beach.

Philippe Gris.

AfterlightImage 10

AfterlightImage 10

Marianne Maddalena on the set of The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Marianne and Hillary Clinton.