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Scream Star Melissa Barrera Warns Fans 'Ain't Ready' After Seeing Final Cut

Scream 5 Co-Director Defends Divisive Title | Screen Rant

Scream 5 Star On Honoring Wes Craven And Becoming Friends With The Original Cast


Scream (2022) star Melissa Barrera has seen the final cut of the slasher flick and has a warning for audiences.

Scream co-director Tyler Gillett explains the reasoning behind naming the 2022 movie after the original slasher flick, saying it was intentional...

The franchise's original director, Wes Craven, passed away back in 2015, making the set of a Scream movie different than ever before.


Scream (2022) Gets Ghostface Twitter Emoji Ahead Of Trailer Release

The hype for Scream 2022's trailer builds as the film receives its own emoji on Twitter resembling the iconic masked killer known as Ghostface.


Why Scream 2022 Isn't Scream 5 (Is It A Reboot?)

Scream 2022 (aka Scream 5) isn't a reboot in the most literal sense, as it doesn't erase the prior films, and is technically a follow-up to the...


Everything We Know About Scream (2022)

Paramount officially titles the film Scream, announces a January 14, 2022 release date, and unveils new photos and a title treatment.


Ahead Of Scream 5, Fans Can Stay In Stu’s House… Complete With David Arquette

Woodsboro will be back on the big screen in the winter, horror fans can live the full fantasy in a recreated house that’ll be available on Airbnb. What’s more, David Arquette aka Sheriff Dewey Riley, will serve as your host.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.21.52 PM.png

'Scream' Star Melissa Barrera Says New Movie Will Honor Wes Craven

“[Directors] Matt [Bettinelli-Olpin] and Tyler [Gillett] bring their freshness to it, but we're honoring Wes,” Barrera said on the red carpet at...

'Scream' Cast, 25 Years Later - Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox And DAVID ARQUETTE 


Ghostface made his big screen debut for the first time twenty-five years ago. That's right, it's been a full quarter century since Scream premiered, and yet it remains one of the most iconic and influential...


Scream Creator Reveals His Role In The New 2022 Movie

After creating the Scream horror franchise and writing three of its five entries, Kevin Williamson reveals that he has a role in the new Scream film.


‘SCREAM’ Has Completely Finished Production

The final cut of Scream 5, officially titled SCREAM, is complete. In an Instagram post Monday night, co-director Tyler Gillett revealed that the sequel to the beloved...


Scream 2021 Writer Says Working With Kevin Williamson Was Wonderful

The fifth installment in the popular teen slasher franchise is set to arrive in January of 2022, and so far, fans have had very few clues as...

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